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Friday, 4 May 2012

A long road

Sea Wall by ultraBobban
Sea Wall, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

It is the "double" weekend. Have I got the kit out of the wash? No. Have I just got in from work? Yes.

WTF is the start time of this marathon anyway?

When I've knocked out 65+ hours at school this week, I have to do a minor bit of marathon prep for tomorrow. It will be a long road. By Sunday, I should have knocked out a marathon and an ultra. I'm running on about 5 hours sleep a night and my jaws hurt slightly from teeth clenching due to what I think is stress and maybe a lack of coffee (no time to have any)

This, on top of miles accrued at 9pm in the evening most days this week have meant a poor-ish diet and a lack of time to relax. Perfect preparation! I'll be relaxing on the route tomorrow. I'll likely take the trail shoes and settle into a clip that will allow me to chill and have a bit of fun and chit-de-chat with the other competitors. I have already found a chap who is doing both and will be lloking out for him. He's doing Comrades. We shall have plenty to talk about. But NO manriding.

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